Always a work in progress.

Born Under a Black Hole

slip away from the corner
of your mind
the one where you’re blind
from the world outside
step into the light of the day
before the sun fades away
into the night
born under a black hole
where time begins
leave them all behind
before I get sucked back in

Skin Is Burned

I’m gone
won’t be long and I’m gone
standing in this line forever
I feel my insides are done
stay calm
don’t tell me to stay calm
goodbye you said
you’re standing there instead

I’ll be waiting in the sun
until all my skin is burned
was it worth it all along?

will you take me inside
where your enemies follow you
and underneath they hide
won’t cry
just a word I won’t cry
even though you left me here
in the comfort of the fear

I’ll be waiting in the sun
until all my skin is burned
it was worth it all along

Almost everything I wanted for #rsd14. Oasis, Jake Bugg, Conor Oberst and the Black Angels.

I did it once before, so tomorrow I’ll do it once again:

#30Poems30Days II:
#30Poems30Days Harder

Wake Up

No release, no way out, no love.
Trapped in a prison, beneath the rising storm of regret, as the day gets away as the sun hides down below, the beast below that grumbles and stirs and comes to take all our souls.
A devil, no, but our own failures, keeping us down, no attempt to rise we choose to drown.
Breathe. Breathe life back inside and step up and take action and refuse to bend.
Believe. Not in what is told to you but believe your own truth, even if your truth is a lie believe it until it becomes you and it becomes truth.
It is only a matter of time.

Because the Doctor, that’s why.

Still Wind

under skies of grey
a cold still wind
wet grass and cement
dripping edges
a man less found
more lost than ever
waiting forever
for the sun to come

Loving this: The Horrors - ‘So Now You Know’

Waiting On The Storm to Come

overcast now in the sky
shadows burned
no place to lie
eerie calm down in your heart
pleasure pours
anywhere you are
thunder in the distance calls
coming in fast
can’t avoid the sprawl

patience here is torn
just waiting on the storm
silence will be born
just waiting on the storm

pierce the land with a violent crash
heart exploding
love gone in a flash
a rumble coming from the ground below
it’ll doubt your mind
but will it shake your soul?

patience here is torn
just waiting on the storm
silence will be born
just waiting on the storm
waiting on the storm to come

The #Sherlock look.

Oasis - “Let’s All Make Believe” (Demo, Noel vocals)

Shots Fired

shots fired, piercing the heart
skin broken, dripping blood
no way out, pain is fierce
broken heart, no more light here
memories fading, clock is ticking
beauty flickers, heartbeat fading
the body falling, the room sinking
breath running short, slowly dying
darkness soon, last rites
your face nowhere near, sad ending.

Come Home Come Home

never know which way to turn
around the corner
could be my girl
step in my life right in a bubble
popped so quickly
I’m in trouble

I’m alive when I’m awake
fall to sleep
right in my grave
awake all night
perverted subconscious
drowning deep in dirty water

come home now
come home
come home come home

The Orwells - Dirty Sheets